Poison Ivy Cream

What is Poison Ivy Cream?

If you have a mild case of poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac you should treat the affected area with an over the counter poison ivy cream to help reduce the itching, burning, and oozing. If you have a severe reaction you should see a doctor since there are prescription treatments that are more effective. The topical poison ivy treatment creams discussed in this article do not prevent poison ivy rashes. If you want to prevent poison ivy in the first place learn to identify and avoid the plant, wear clothes to prevent contact, and apply IvyX to exposed skin. A poison ivy cream may not be 100% effective in eliminating all symptoms but it will provide you temporary comfort.

The Best Poison Ivy Creams

If you’re looking for a poison ivy cream you are probably desperate for relief. You could try one, try them all, or trust other people’s experiences. There are four poison ivy creams that are go to choices for many people. All of these get good reviews:

Zanfel Poison Ivy Cream with 3.5 out of 5 stars in 233 reviews on Amazon.com.

Ivy-Dry Cream with 4.5 out of 5 stars in 21 reviews. Trying to decide between Ivy-Dry Cream and Ivy-Dry Super? They contain the same three active ingredients but Ivy-Dry Super contains alcohol and is a spray rather than a cream.

Ivarest Anti-Itch Cream with 4.5 out of 5 stars in 24 reviews.

IvyX with 4 out of 5 stars in 9 reviews.

Some of these creams are also available in a spray if you prefer a different method of application.

How to use Poison Ivy Cream

Consult the directions that come with the poison ivy cream. Each product is different and won’t work as well, if it works at all, if you don’t use it as directed. Most topical creams will advise that you clean the infected area with soap and water and pat dry. Apply a thin sheen over the area and avoid contact with clothing. Avoid touching the area. If you have a child under the age of 2 who has been affected, you should consult a physician before applying poison ivy cream.

For example, Ivarest provides these instructions:

  1. Wash the affected area with Ivarest Cleansing Foam.
  2. Then gently pat the area dry.
  3. Apply Ivarest Cream to the rash to form a thick layer you cannot see through. Don’t touch the cream until it dries to form a solid coating.

Apply Ivarest no more than 3 to 4 times daily, do not use over large areas of the body, and do not use with other products containing diphenhydramine.

How Does Poison Ivy Cream Work?

Poison plant creams typically contain ingredients that both prevent itching and dry the rash. For example, Ivarest contains an antihistamine to stop the reaction between the urushiol and your skin, benzyl alcohol to soothe the itch, and calamine to absorb weeping from the rash.

Ivy-Dry Cream

How Long Does the Treatment Work For?

Ivarest claims that it works for up to eight hours. Zanfel claims to remove the urushiol that causes the rash for permanent relief. Ivy-Dry doesn’t make any claims about working for a specific amount of time but it definitely works for a number of hours and is easy to reapply.

The FDA has additional poison ivy information.

Helpful tips for poison ivy treatment: