Ivy Block

Hyland’s Ivy Block Review

Ivy Block is no longer being produced. PoisonIvyContagious.net now recommends IvyX.

Hyland’s Ivy Block is a patented lotion that can form a barrier for your skin to act as protection from poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac. Ivy Block contains the active ingredient Bentoquatam which protects us by absorbing urushiol before it irritates skin.  Best of all, Ivy Block is an over-the-counter (OTC) product – no prescription is needed. It is safe and effective, the only FDA-approved product clinically proven to help prevent rashes before they start. It’s recommended for adults and children ages 6 and up.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, or Poison Sumac Exposure

During the spring, summer and fall, we’re outside all the time: working, hiking, mowing, gardening, camping, jogging, biking, tailgating and picnicking. Here’s what we’re not looking forward to: the rash, itch, ooze and misery of poison ivy, poison oak and sumac.

What causes these skin problems? There is allergenic oil – urushiol – in these plants that irritates so many people. Of course, we all try to avoid the troublesome poisons. But no one wants to stop their outdoor fun. Some people have outdoor jobs requiring them to risk exposure to such plants. Think about landscapers, firefighters, forest rangers, camp leaders, and telephone repair personnel.

Did you know that you don’t even have to touch the poisonous plants to develop the rash and itch? Secondary contact is the transfer of the oil from contaminated clothing, footwear, tools, pets, camping equipment, or other surfaces to your skin. Urushiol, a very stable chemical, is active on surfaces it touches for up to five years, or even longer, and can cause a reaction even in cold weather months. Plants contain urushiol all year long. This oil is potent in all seasons; it even survives in dead poison ivy, poison oak and sumac. Even if you stay away from all poison ivy, oak and sumac, urushiol can reach you through the air. It can be carried to you through fire, mowing and weed whacking.  So those who never touch the poison ivy, poison oak and sumac plants can also suffer the itchy rash. Urushiol is the most common cause of contact dermatitis in United States.

Ivy Block

How to Use

Ivy Block should be applied like sunscreen to clean, dry skin at least 15 minutes prior to exposure. This medicine does not dry up the oozing and weeping caused by the rash of poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac. So be sure to use it before you go outside.  Spread it on your hands, neck, face, legs and arms. It’s best to apply it even where you are covered by gloves, pants and shirts because of the possibility of secondary contact. To avoid spreading urushiol, clothing exposed to poisonous plants should be washed. Footwear and tools need to be cleaned. Even pets should be shampooed!

Ivy Block is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, non-allergenic, and non-greasy.  Of course, as with most liquid medications, you should shake the lotion well before using and keep it away from eyes. It dries quickly, with no bad smell. When dry, it leaves a thin white coating on some people. It is important to reapply every four hours for maximum protection. Ivy Block washes off easily with soap and water. Dermatologic side effects are minor; some users have reported a mild transient rash at the site of application.

Where to Find Ivy Block

Where can you find Ivy Block? While the manufacturer claims it is available in drug stores nationwide, many shoppers say it is hard to find. You may be able to find it at Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid or REI stores but Amazon often has the best prices and quick shipping.